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FTL Transportation

FTL Ritco offers easy and affordable trucking solutions backed by extensive industry experience for all customers. You can count on us for all your high volume and high capacity needs in a cost- and time-efficient manner through our Full-Truckload (FTL) logistics.

The Benefits of Full Truck Load Transportation

FTL logistics from Ritco combine specialised equipment and efficient delivery services to handle your heavier loads. You can enjoy a number of benefits by using Ritco's FTL services, with expert professionals on hand to help you all the way. Among them are:

Safe Delivery :
If you ship your cargo FTL, it will be handled in significantly less time. Full truckload shipping eliminates the need to break down, consolidate, or deconsolidate your cargo. As a result, there is less chance of your freight being damaged, and insurance claims are easier to deal with.

High-Speed Delivery :
FTL shipping means your freight stays on one truck for the duration of the trip. Thus the truck driver’s primary and only concern is to transport your products to you. This helps us streamline. Streamlines your company's transportation and can greatly speed up the process by removing all the extra steps associated with Less-Than-Truckload shipping.

Suitable for a variety of shipments :
FTL is the most convenient and arguably the best way to ship items of more than 4500 kgs or 12 to 15 cubic meters. Fragile products or products deemed high risk, as well as hazardous, can be effectively transported by FTL.

Zero Pilferages :
Ritco guarantee Zero shortages, no thefts, and no damage. Our goal is to deliver the client's cargo in its original condition.

We have the Best Trucking Solutions-

Real-Time Fleet Monitoring : With real-time asset tracking and monitoring of our vehicles, we reduce downtime and increase productivity.

Electronic Proof of Delivery:
A major perk of moving logistics towards digitized means is electronic proof of delivery. We are totally paperless now. This not only reduces our costs but also simplifies the entire process for fleet managers and drivers a like.. By using electronic means, data entry is automatically generated and requires less time and energy than manual data entry. Moreover, it provides drivers with all necessary and relevant information, making their job easier.

Contactless Delivery:
To minimize or eliminate physical contact and comply with the rules of social distancing, we have started completely cashless deliveries. Now you can pay online with your Digi-wallets.