Accelerate Your Transformation With Ritco Logistics Solutions

Trucksup is a mobile application startup that excels at visibility and control. It is powered by our proprietary TMS which uses machine learning to become continually smarter at sourcing capacity. Shippers have the option of spot-market pricing or contract rates, and carriers communicate via our Trucksup app. Fluid integration with external systems makes it easy to post, negotiate, assign and track loads.

Why Trucksup is for you?

Offers Real-Time Visibility

Trucksup brings transparency to your supply chain.

Promotes Transparency in payments

Cashless payments allow us to uphold our high standards of transparency with all billings.

Powered by artificial intelligence

This AI-enabled platform allows you to track the movements of your loads easier than ever before, It is also likely to help smaller fleet owners win more contracts.

Meets your requirements instantly

The app makes your booking painless and smooth as you get connected to a dedicated traffic controller who is your single point of contact.

A large network of drivers

We operate a vast network of carriers with more than a million trucks and a wide range of capabilities.

Excellent Customer Service

At Ritco, our customers are our priority We offer outstanding customer support, with the ability to act quickly when circumstances change.

Easy to navigate app

Our app is constantly updated to keep up smooth functioning and provide the best user experience.

Join our Army of Truckers

Join the thousands of savvy drivers, owner-operators and small fleet carriers and make your service easily available to customers.

Truckers in our transportation network get our full respect. To reduce empty miles, we provide each independent fleet owner with an experienced advocate and equip drivers with our mobile technology. We want the carriers in our brokerage network to be just as satisfied as our customers.